Warehouse Program

Competitive Pricing
    Invoice prices are competitive to the current market. Save even more with API’s Friday Five. Each week, API offers five top Generic Rx items for     an extra 5% off invoice pricing. Items change weekly on Fridays, so stock up while you can! Order your way via API Netstore, Scan & Toss and

Over 2,000 Generic SKUs
    Everything you need to take care of your patients.

Generic Loyalty Rebates
    Pharmacies purchasing over $36,000 annually in Generic Rx from the API warehouse are eligible for an additional year end rebate. This rebate is     calculated as a percentage of gross Generic Rx purchases from API and awarded to qualifying accounts over and above all other earned     rebates.

    NOTE: AAP Member pharmacies are exempt from the minimum Generic Rx purchase requirements to be eligible for Generic Loyalty Rebates.

Buyer-Focused Warehouse Programs
    Contact an AAP Territory Manager for information on which program with industry-leading discounts is right for you.

Questions? Call us at (877) 797-9227 or contact your AAP Territory Manager.