We want to Celebrate Your Story!

The past couple of years have presented some unprecedented challenges for all of us. Like many other industries, independent pharmacies have worked through issues like supply chain bottlenecks and staffing shortages, and some have also had to deal with natural disasters like wildfires, tornadoes and flooding. Through it all, you have not only survived… but flourished. And we want to hear about it! 

The 2023 AAP Annual Conference is all about YOU! And we want to Celebrate Your Story. Long stories or quick anecdotes, we want to hear them all. 

We want to celebrate stories like: 

  • Why did you become an independent pharmacist?
  • What challenges have you faced over the past couple of years and how did you overcome them?
  • Tell us about the best day you’ve had in the pharmacy. 
  • Has there been a patient that made an impact on you?
  • How do you and your pharmacy support your community?
  • Tell us a funny story about the life of a pharmacist.

It’s as easy as sending us a quick email with your celebration story or pull out your phone and simply record it for us, then email it to marketing@rxaap.com. When you start the video, tell us who you are then let your inner storyteller loose. 

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