Dan Schneider

We are honored that Dan Schneider will be one of our keynote speakers at the 2023 AAP Annual Conference. Dan is a pharmacist and star of the Netflix docuseries “The Pharmacist.” The series focuses on Dan’s obsession with finding his son’s killer and bringing him to justice.  

After solving the mystery of his son’s murder, Dan became troubled by what he was seeing at his pharmacy. An unusual number of customers, most of them between 20 and 50 years old, with no obvious ailments, had started arriving with large prescriptions for OxyContin. Sensing a crisis long before the opioid epidemic had gained nationwide attention, Dan had a new mission: save the lives of other sons and daughters within his community. He helped investigate a local pill mill, which led to the conviction of the owner. And Dan’s quest in Louisiana is one of the many pieces that led to Purdue Pharma’s fall. 

We are looking forward to seeing Dan, and he will be available to answer your questions at the 2023 AAP Annual Conference.