Kindra Hall

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The theme for the 2023 AAP Annual Conference is “Celebrate Your Story,” and that is Kindra Hall’s specialty! Her passion for storytelling is why we chose her as one of our keynote speakers. 

Long before storytelling became a business buzzword, Kindra was fulfilling a 5th grade language arts assignment by reading a story to a room full of out-of-control 3rd graders. Instead of reading from the pages, Kindra set the storybook aside and told the story herself. Within the first few sentences, she held those unruly 3rd graders in the palm of her hand and knew, in that moment, she had stumbled upon something powerful. 

Since that time, Kindra has become the go-to expert for storytelling in business and beyond. She is the best-selling author of two critically acclaimed books on the WSJ Bestsellers list.  

Join us to Celebrate Your Story with her at the 2023 AAP Annual Conference!

Session sponsored by Ascend