Mandlik & Rhodes (MRIS)

Mandlik & Rhodes Information Systems, Inc. (MRIS) is an authorized Retail Clearinghouse that provides coupon redemption services to retailers since 1995. This includes both paper and digital coupons.

Benefits include:

  • Ease of Processing: pharmacies send their coupons directly to the plant which streamlines the process. The shipment is sorted, scanned and invoices are created for each manufacturer. The pharmacy will receive an email shipment confirmation of all shipments submitted which details provides a recap of what was claimed in the shipment and what was verified and invoiced.
  • Access to Information: online account allows the pharmacy to review redemption and shipment details at any time.
  • Payment Tracking: collections team helps track down unpaid dollars from manufacturers.

Pharmacy receives the full face-value of the coupon paid by the manufacturer plus $0.02 handling per coupon. Set-up fee is waived for AAP members (normally $50).