Pharmacy Insurance Group

Where do your Medicare Patients buy their insurance? What if it was convenient and comfortable for them to buy the best possible health insurance at your pharmacy?

Consider these facts:

  • Independent pharmacies already provide advice like insurance agents but aren’t paid for doing so.
  • Insurance commission is more profitable than Medicare reimbursements.
  • Preferred networks, DIR fees, and mail-order pharmacies are intentionally stealing patients.
  • Independent pharmacies are inching closer to leaving the Medicare market.

Your pharmacy is the primary point of care for many patients. They trust you. That’s why it is imperative their insurance lets them have their needs met at your pharmacy.

The Pharmacy Insurance Group makes it easy for pharmacy owners to become agents, or get family or staff members licensed, and/or own an insurance agency.

Pharmacy Insurance Group are onboarding new agents now for 2022 open enrollment.

Visit their website to explore this opportunity with no risk or obligation.