PRS Pharmacy Services

PRS is the most trusted Pharmacy Consulting Services firm in the industry, with innovative services and products designed for independent Pharmacy executives and owners. The PRS team consists of Pharmacists, Pharmacy owners, compliance specialists and business consultants with over a century of Pharmacy Consulting expertise. PRS specializes in Pharmacy Compliance and has a full suite of Pharmacy Brokerage Services such as Buying, Selling, Transfer Consulting, Valuations and more! And as the exclusive broker recommended by NCPA you can feel confident you are working with the best. PRS has a new Pharmacy Technician Vaccine Administration Program. The Department of Health & Human Services is now allowing Pharmacy technicians to administer vaccines once they meet certain requirements. This allows Pharmacy owners to increase their margins by empowering technicians to take on more responsibility and by having their technicians administer the vaccinations (including Covid-19), a Pharmacy can increase the number of patients they vaccinate while giving Pharmacists more time to do the tasks only the Pharmacist can do.