Proactively Planning the Future of Your Pharmacy

You may not be able to predict your pharmacy’s future, but you can create it. Seasoned business coaches John Fischette and Shannon Schulz will walk you through best practices for setting goals and creating a strategic plan for the coming year.

During this pre-recorded webinar learn how to:

  • Articulate your short- and long-term goals for your personal life and your business.
  • Identify areas of improvement in your pharmacy.
  • Integrate your team into long-term goal planning.

In our industry, the one sure thing is uncertainty, and at PDS, we believe that doesn’t mean that you live in a reactive state. Simply put, a strategic plan allows you to take control, improve clarity and move forward with confidence when running your business.

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PDS is a coaching and professional services company devoted exclusively to improving the performance of independent pharmacies. They help owners create success. The challenges of competition, disappearing profits, and accelerating change force a critical decision: Will you compete? They work with owners who decide to compete. Stop worrying about cash flow, wondering if you’re missing opportunities, or hoping for improvement; with PDS, the game changes.