ScriptPro Storage and Retrieval System

During this webinar, Kristen Meschede, Customer Communications Manager, and Doug Urban, Senior Technical Sales Specialist, will discuss the issues inherent with the traditional pharmacy “will call” model. ScriptPro developed the Storage and Retrieval System to solve your “will call” worries. 

This webinar provides a deep dive into ScriptPro’s newest robot and includes the following:

  • Benefits of a robust will call system
  • Demo of the SRS in action (previously recorded video)
  • Frequently asked questions
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ScriptPro creates innovative, seamlessly-integrated robotics and workflow systems that optimize pharmacy services. As patient care progresses from inpatient to outpatient and long-term care settings, the need for advanced systems to support medication therapy is evolving. Their solutions include strategic planning and financial management services that help health systems succeed in a dynamic and financially-challenging environment.