The Numbers Game: Preventing Issues with COVID-19 Vaccine Billing

The COVID-19 vaccine is making its way to pharmacies. But as pharmacists prepare to administer the vaccine to their communities, questions are popping up. How many doses are out there? When will certain members of the community be able to get theirs? How do you bill not just for the vaccine, but also for administering it? What if your claim is rejected?

In this pre-recorded webinar please join, Jason Ausili, Chief Clinical Officer Pharm.D and Tim Wickis, Product Manager for an informative look at the numbers around COVID-19 vaccine billing. They will explore the data, provide updates on distribution and phases and look at how to bill for the COVID-19 vaccine through the medical benefit.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Get updates on vaccines on the market, availability and the phased approach
  • Explore real numbers on reimbursements, vaccine volume and claim rejections
  • Learn how to bill for the COVID-19 vaccine through the medical benefit
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