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Lower your inventory cost and increase margins
on Brand Rx, Generic Rx and OTCs.


Monthly rebates and more. Make saving simple and focus on your business.


With more than 2,000 Generic SKUs, you’ll find everything you need to care for your patients.


Find out which of our industry-leading
buying programs is right for you.

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Bringing high-volume discounts to your pharmacy

Our flexible buying programs make saving easy and are designed to lower inventory costs, regardless of monthly volume.

With multiple buyer-focused programs available, we have the perfect fit for your pharmacy’s buying strategy. Focused on Brand Rx? Or perhaps Generic Rx is more of a priority. Or maybe you’d like a program built to match your actual dispensing data. Don’t worry! API has you covered.

Our member-owned warehouse offers competitive prices and innovative ordering tools.

API Warehouse would like to be your “primary secondary” supplier! We have competitive pricing on more than 2,000 SKUs. With easy-to-use ordering solutions, like our very own Scan & Toss program, you’ll restock your shelves more efficiently than ever before.

Purchase enough generic pharmaceuticals from API? Receive a yearly Generic Loyalty Rebate calculated as a percentage of those purchases.

This rebate is determined by the AAP Board of Directors each year and is awarded to qualifying accounts OVER AND ABOVE ALL OTHER EARNED REBATES.

Don’t start out on a bargain hunt and end up in a wild goose chase.

When you know you are getting the best prices, you can
focus on your business.

Many independent pharmacists spend a lot of time chasing discounts or “sale” prices on inventory items, in hopes of improving profitability.

Is it worth it? Let’s take a closer look.

If you are buying from multiple suppliers, you risk dropping a tier with your primary and secondary suppliers. If that happens, you’re not optimizing rebates and credits from them, negating the “bargain” you may have found elsewhere. Additionally, what does it cost your pharmacy to fragment purchasing like this? Consider the time taken away from patient care in your pharmacy, and hourly rates for owners, pharmacists or other staff to make calls, process invoices and make payments to multiple suppliers each month. This quickly erodes any savings, too.

Streamline. Simplify. Save.