Why Reading Glasses are Located Near Pharmacy Counters

Many people over 40 will check out the reading glasses floor display when visiting the pharmacy. They will see various styles and lens powers if your display is well stocked. Many will give several pairs a quick test run to find the correct viewing power.

Convenience: Drugstores like to put the medication in the back because prescriptions are considered “destination products” or the sole reason customers might even be in the store. Customers usually make their way through the store counter-clockwise and likely pass items or displays the store wants you to see.

Knowing they must see the pharmacist or their staff, having a reading glass display near the pharmacy counter increases the likelihood that they will peruse it to see what is new and purchase a pair or two.

This placement makes it easier for customers to ask the pharmacist questions about reading glasses, making them more likely to buy readers and accessories.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Availability: Most reading glasses available in drugstores are non-prescription or OTC readers. These glasses come in various strengths (powers) and are suitable for people with similar power demands in both eyes. However, it’s essential to note that many individuals require different strengths for each eye, which OTC readers may not address.


In recent years, the fashion industry has influenced new reading glasses styles, helping them grow in popularity. However, many myths still exist but don’t stand up to scrutiny.

Just For Older People: This myth is the most widespread. Most people who wear them are usually in their mid-to-late thirties due to decades of staring at text in both print and digital formats. If your sight can benefit from wearing them, you are old enough.

Usually Boring In Styles And Colors: Reading glasses are convenient, practical, and sometimes necessary. They can also be fashion accessories, with various outfit-making models offering trendy and classic styling. Finding the right one or several pairs matching your personality can enhance your wardrobe and boost your confidence.

Cause Weak Vision: Not true! Experts have repeatedly attested that reading glasses are a simple optical enhancement tool that does not change your vision or worsen it. There is no longer a reason to strain in discomfort to see what is written.

Don’t Need More Than One Pair: Knowing that you can match your outfit with your readers, it becomes apparent that you need more than one pair to create a put-together, stylish look.


Presbyopia: This condition can cause eyesight to change as people age, affecting the eye’s ability to focus on close objects, making it difficult to read a print book or magazine, the labels on medicine bottles and other containers, or small print on your digital devices. Women, especially those over 40, are more likely to have presbyopia. Having reading glasses readily available in pharmacies can offer the same benefits for someone with this common issue.

Convenience: Pharmacies are accessible and frequented by many individuals for everything from prescriptions to bathroom tissue. A pharmacy offering reading glasses will provide a convenient answer for those needing help reading small print.

Affordability: OTC reading glasses can positively impact customers’ day-to-day lives and are cost-effective for mild presbyopia. Many people enjoy the convenience of purchasing OTC readers at pharmacies, which makes reading glasses more price-conscious without requiring prescriptions.

Variety of Styles: Pharmacies can offer a range of frame styles, colors, and lens powers to cater to different preferences. You can choose reading glasses that match your style and comfort. People often buy several pairs of glasses – either for other types of work or so that they have enough to keep stashed in various places to be handy when needed.

Emergency Situations: Misplacing or forgetting regular glasses can cause headaches from eyestrain. Purchasing reading glasses at a local pharmacy ensures that the person can still read important information, such as medication instructions or emergency contact numbers.


Offer OTC Readers And Prescription Options: While OTC readers work well for most people, there are exceptions. Individuals with astigmatism or needing different strengths for each eye may require prescription reading glasses from an optometrist. Pharmacies should consider stocking OTC readers and prescription options.

Provide A Sanitizing Wipe Station Nearby: Others may have tried on the readers. Encourage pharmacy staff to recommend using a wipe to clean any parts of the frames that make skin contact. Also, remind them that once they own a pair, they should wash their glasses regularly.

As OTC Readers Are Not Prescription Glasses, Will They Hurt A Customer’s Eyes? Wearing reading glasses that are not the correct prescription may cause blurriness, headaches, eyestrain, and fatigue. However, many customers can wear OTC readers without these symptoms. It usually depends upon how much near work (reading and computer-type activities) they do daily and their lens prescription type.

Provide Reading Glasses Accessories: To increase sales of reading glasses, consider keeping accessories available on displays or nearby, such as “Fit Over Sunglasses,”—which fit most prescription eyewear, “Clip-On” sunglasses for reading and prescription glasses, Sunbifocals—sunglasses with built-in bifocals, eyewear chains, and eyewear sport cords—fabric sport cords for eyeglasses and sunglasses.

As baby boomers came of age and the market for reading glasses changed, Al Underwood, owner of Franklin Eyewear®, decided to add readers to the sunglass program he had already developed. Dealing with independent businesses and keeping them competitive with the major chains has made Franklin Eyewear® a well-known brand in independent pharmacies and bookstores nationwide.

Franklin Eyewear® uses a color-coded price tag system that helps organize the display and makes ordering easy. Matching the color price tags with the color label on the display helps maintain inventory. Keeping extra stock in the storage base ensures the display is always full, and full displays sell better!

Franklin Eyewear® can help you provide reading glasses that will give your customers quality and style at value pricing. For more information contact Al at 877-766-0321 or visit www.franklineyewear.com.