Why Reading Glasses Are Located Near Pharmacy Counters

Many people over 40 will check out the reading glasses floor display when visiting the pharmacy. They will see various styles and lens powers if your display is well stocked. Many will give several pairs a quick test run to find the correct viewing power.

Convenience: Drugstores like to put the medication in the back because prescriptions are considered “destination products” or the sole reason customers might even be in the store. Customers usually make their way through the store counter-clockwise and likely pass items or displays the store wants you to see.

Knowing they must see the pharmacist or their staff, having a reading glass display near the pharmacy counter increases the likelihood that they will peruse it to see what is new and purchase a pair or two.

This placement makes it easier for customers to ask the pharmacist questions about reading glasses, making them more likely to buy readers and accessories.

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