Patronage Dividend Guide

Patronage Dividends are calculated using a contribution model which takes into consideration Member activities that contributed to AAP and its subsidiaries’ profitability. The individual store’s contribution to profit provides the best measure for pro rata distribution of that profit. The Board typically uses three factors when considering Patronage Dividends:

1.            Participation in the AAP Prime Vendor Agreement(s)

2.            Participation in Associated Pharmacies Inc. (API) warehouse purchasing program

3.            Participation in AlignRx managed care contracting services

Your store’s Patronage Dividend will be based on the activities listed above.

Payment of the first half of annual dividends typically occurs in April, and payment of the remaining half is usually in July each year.

For future growth in your Patronage Dividends, your commitment to participate in AAP, API Warehouse programs, AlignRx and your help in recruiting new AAP Members is essential. If you are pleased with the support and services you receive from AAP, please tell your fellow pharmacy owners and encourage them to speak to an AAP Territory Manager about becoming a Member. Find specific contact information here.

We look forward to continuing our journey with you as we enhance independent pharmacy’s presence, influence and pivotal role in the healthcare delivery system.