SiteLabs specializes in on-site COVID-19 testing solutions. Their ready to use platform helps the pharmacy handle every part of the testing process and digital workflow.

SiteLabs offers three ways to test:

1. At-Home/OTC

  • Rapid Antigen, Rapid Molecular & Lab Performed RT-PCR Molecular Tests
  • The easiest way to get started
  • Offers high-quality at-home tests
  • No CLIA registration required

2. Point-of-Care

  • Rapid Antigen, Rapid Antibody, and Rapid RT-PCR
  • Acceptable for travel
  • CLIA Waiver required
  • Results in 20 minutes

3. Lab-Based Tests

  • RT-PCR molecular test using nasal or saliva collection
  • Most accurate – Gold Standard
  • No CLIA Waiver required
  • Sample taken at the pharmacy and sent overnight to a lab

SiteLabs Platform

  • Secure, simple and ready-to-use digital platform
  • Facilitates registration, appointment scheduling, payment processing, results delivery, and reporting
  • Link is placed on the pharmacy website
  • SiteLabs provides comprehensive support to help you get started