Telepharmacy Services Can Help Pharmacists Streamline Workflows, Improve Patient Outcomes

Pacience Edwards, PharmD, manager of compliance at Outcomes, discussed how technological solutions can aid pharmacies during a session at the Outcomes 2024 SYNC National Conference in Orlando, Florida.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the health care landscape both directly and indirectly in many ways. Al- though the public health crisis led to a significant amount of burnout among health care workers and put more pressure on an already overburdened system, the increased utilization of telehealth services was seen by many as a positive outcome.

Due to a lack of access brought on by COVID-19, telehealth services in the US increased by 154% during the early phases of the pandemic and then eventually stabilized at levels 38 times higher compared to those in 2019.1 This has led to many benefits for both patients and providers, such as improving access to care and reducing resources used in health care facilities.

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