More than 2,000 independent pharmacies and counting.

The Member-Owned Advantage:


Putting profit back into independent pharmacies.


Freedom from long-term vendor contracts


Better inventory selection, tools and support.

A collage of photos of AAP Members in their pharmacies and at AAP conferences. Independent pharmacists.

Built and governed by people like you.

What if your suppliers and vendors actively supported your business?

AAP offers competitive prices with collective buying power through our prime vendor agreement and independent warehouse, API. We have also negotiated discounts and favorable terms with top vendors and industry partners. more

What if you had all business metrics at your fingertips?

Our proprietary business intelligence tool, ProfitAmp, gives you easy-to-use business analytics to make the best operational decisions for your store. more

What if you had access to expert support and know-how?

We offer a free purchasing analysis, Retail Plan-O-Grams, product recommendations, and more based on your pharmacy and your customer base. more

API, the Member-owned warehouse advantage.

Do you expect competitive prices and rebates?

API Warehouse offers competitive prices on leading products, including Brand Rx, Generic Rx and OTCs.

Does your secondary wholesaler help optimize your budget?

Don’t waste time hunting for “bargains” and risking issues with compliance. Streamline your purchasing with API Warehouse and maximize your monthly rebates on inventory.

Wouldn’t you prefer flexibility over contract commitment?

Flex during changing market forces with the ability to split your purchases between our prime vendor and independent warehouse and fully maintain compliance… all while optimizing your budget.

An illustrated checklist on the clipboard showing discounts, rebates, and services. The clipboard is surrounded by pharmaceutical bottles and pills.
Two hands passing a paper prescription between them.
A computer showing a dashboard of charts and data.
A male pharmacist with glasses helping a female patient from behind the counter. They are looking together at a piece of paper.

5 Common Blunders
that Hurt Independent Pharmacies

Getting a new pharmacy up and running smoothly can be intimidating. AAP can help you with the first steps and make it easier and more profitable. READ MORE

Discover income opportunities with ProfitAmp

ProfitAmp is a comprehensive business intelligence tool that delivers a deeper look into your pharmacy operations. READ MORE

As an independent pharmacy owner, your responsibilities are vast. You have patients, employees, regulatory … READ MORE

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AAP Preferred Partners

We have partnerships with many of the best vendors in the industry for pharmacy efficiency, customer service and savings. Your membership gives you access to these tools and the support of our network’s expertise. Here are just a few examples of our Preferred Partners.


GeriMed can help you see if your pharmacy is eligible for significant savings through the Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotic Program. Contact GeriMed today to see if your patients qualify! | 800-456-4374 

Return Solutions

Get Rx returns credit quickly and simply with our preferred partner Return Solutions, one of the oldest and most trusted vendors in the industry.


As a Sanofi Vaccines subsidiary and specialty distributor of vaccines, their goal is expanding your pharmacy immunization program through data-driven business insights and innovative solutions.

Liberty Software

Liberty Software believes a well-designed pharmacy system should make your pharmacy more productive and efficient. To learn more, click here.