AAP Preferred Partner – InfiniTrak Informational Webinar

In this pre-recorded webinar, please join Andrew Knight – Marketing and Sales coordinator at InfiniTrak. Andrew has a decade of experience in customer service. Leaning on his experience, Andrew helped reinvigorate the InfiniTrak implementation process and has been positively guiding the customer experience at InfiniTrak for over a year.

Welcome to the Informational webinar at InfiniTrak, where they lead the way in DSCSA compliance with their innovative, easy-to-use SaaS solutions. InfiniTrak platform offers tailored features that streamline the compliance process across all levels of the pharmaceutical supply chain, enhancing safety and efficiency. Discover how InfiniTrak can streamline or develop your compliance practices, ensuring you stay ahead with real-time data analytics and comprehensive security measures. Join them to learn more and take your compliance strategy to the next level.

InfiniTrak is a leading provider of DSCSA compliance SaaS solutions, designed to optimize the pharmaceutical supply chain through advanced tracking and tracing technology. Their platform ensures seamless compliance, enhanced security, and operational efficiency for stakeholders at all levels. For more information contact Mark Tate at mark@infinitrak.us or call 540-323-3604.

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