Increase Pharmacy Revenue By Optimizing Your Expired Pharmaceutical Return Process Webinar by Return Solutions

In this pre-recorded webinar, please join Adrienne Vandergriff from Return Solutions to learn valuable insights on how to increase cash flow from your expired returns.

Get faster credit with the easiest tracking and most efficient Rx returns process using Return Solutions’ OneCheck Select program. OneCheck credit is consolidated into a single check with manufacturer credit values listed on the check stub, eliminating credit tracking. Reclaim your time to spend with patients by choosing the comprehensive on-site service or do returns on your own with the easy and economical mail-in option. As an AAP member, receive up to 90% of the returnable product value of your first return within just 30 days with our new customer promotion. Learn more at https://drugreturns.com/home/aap/.

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AAP Preferred Partner – InfiniTrak Informational Webinar

In this pre-recorded webinar, please join Andrew Knight – Marketing and Sales coordinator at InfiniTrak. Andrew has a decade of experience in customer service. Leaning on his experience, Andrew helped reinvigorate the InfiniTrak implementation process and has been positively guiding the customer experience at InfiniTrak for over a year.

Welcome to the Informational webinar at InfiniTrak, where they lead the way in DSCSA compliance with their innovative, easy-to-use SaaS solutions. InfiniTrak platform offers tailored features that streamline the compliance process across all levels of the pharmaceutical supply chain, enhancing safety and efficiency. Discover how InfiniTrak can streamline or develop your compliance practices, ensuring you stay ahead with real-time data analytics and comprehensive security measures. Join them to learn more and take your compliance strategy to the next level.

InfiniTrak is a leading provider of DSCSA compliance SaaS solutions, designed to optimize the pharmaceutical supply chain through advanced tracking and tracing technology. Their platform ensures seamless compliance, enhanced security, and operational efficiency for stakeholders at all levels. For more information contact Mark Tate at mark@infinitrak.us or call 540-323-3604.

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ComboMed™ Webinar by GeriMed

In this pre-recorded webinar, please join Jessica Swicegood and Cole Page from GeriMed to learn more about their program ComboMed™.

ComboMed™ has garnered prominence from independents nationwide for the enhanced revenue ($3-$4 more per script, zero DIR fees) it brings to retail independents servicing LTC. From the traditional SNF setting, to ALF, Group Home, Psychiatric, Correctional, ICF-IDD, Hospice, and the fastest-growing segment in LTC—Medical at Home, odds are you’re likely servicing LTC already and don’t know it. Or if you do know it, you’re not receiving the benefits of this program on your Med D LTC claims.

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Can You Hear Me Now? OTC Hearing Aids

In this pre-recorded webinar, please join Peter Kreckel R.Ph. Professor Pete’s family has suffered from hearing loss for many generations. This presentation covers earwax accumulation, tinnitus, voiced and unvoiced letters, the McGurk effect, and the six types of hearing aids that are FDA approved. Professor Pete also covers the screening questions necessary to help patients see if they are candidates to purchase hearing aids without consulting an audiologist.

PharmCon freeCE is a leading provider of professional continuing education, and PTCB recognized training resources for Pharmacy Technicians and specialty certificates for pharmacists. The company is a long-time leader in the professional education space, with more live CE offerings than any other provider in the industry in addition to a robust home study library. The team prides itself in the practical nature of programming, designed to be immediately used in contemporary pharmacy practice. Learn more at freeCE.com

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The 5 Most Common Medical Billing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Medical billing is… complicated. Making even the slightest mistake on a claim can lead to a delayed payment or, worse, an outright rejection. That’s why EnlivenHealth approached their medical billing team with the question “What are the most common medical billing errors, and how can we help pharmacists avoid them?” The answers are in this free webinar.

Join EnlivenHealth’s medical billing experts for a one-hour journey through the five most common medical billing mistakes that pharmacists make — and learn how to avoid making them!

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PrimeRx™ Technician Training Webinar

AAP Preferred Partner – Mirco Merchant Systems

In this pre-recorded webinar, please join Robert Dahne, Software Trainer, Micro Merchant Systems for technician training on their PrimeRx™ system.

Micro Merchant Systems is a pharmacy technology company that has been providing exceptional management solutions to the Independent Pharmacy Market for 30 years. Thousands of pharmacies throughout the U.S trust their PrimeRx™ system to manage their Retail, Long-Term Care, Specialty, Compounding, 340B, Mail order, Physician’s office, Hospital & Health System Outpatient, and Hub Service Pharmacy technology needs.

Micro Merchant Systems Windows-based PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management System serves as a local or hosted platform for their innovative solution offerings. At Micro Merchant Systems, they offer products, services, APPs, APIs, and vendor interfaces to keep the pharmacy running at the peak of performance.

For more information, please email Micro Merchant Systems at sales@micromerchantsystems.com or call (866) 495-3999 to set up a PrimeRx™ Demo. Visit online at www.micromerchantsystems.com.