Increase Pharmacy Revenue by Optimizing Your Expired Pharmaceutical Return Process

Join Adrienne Vandergriff, VP Sales & Marketing in this pre-recorded webinar. You will learn how to reduce expired products and minimize non-returnable products by returning items to the pharmacy’s reverse distributor in order to maximize their inventory ROI. They will also cover how to evaluate the pharmacy’s current return process and provider to ensure they are getting the most value possible.

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About Return Solutions

Return Solutions is a 30-year veteran in the pharmaceutical reverse distribution industry and specialized in independent pharmacies. They simplify the credit reconciliation process by consolidating all credit due through their OneCheck Select program into a single check, issued directly to the customer, within as few as 10 days after a return. Manufacturer credit is listed on the check stub, vastly reducing time spent tracking credits. Offering both on-site and mail-in service, Return Solutions can meet the needs of your pharmacy with their flexible return options.