Top 7 Reasons to Attend In-Person Professional Events

Still deciding whether to attend the AAP Annual Conference in April? In-person events offer several valuable advantages that contribute to a unique and enriching experience for AAP Members. Here are the top 7 reasons to attend in-person professional events: 

1. Networking Opportunities: 

   – Face-to-face interactions provide valuable networking opportunities. You can meet and connect with other independent pharmacists, potential business partners and industry experts. 

2. Engagement and Interaction: 

   – In-person events foster a high level of engagement. You can actively participate in discussions, Q&A sessions and hands-on activities. 

   – Your ability to ask questions directly and receive immediate responses enhances the learning experience. 

3. Immersion and Experience: 

   – Physical events often create a more immersive and memorable experience. Live demonstrations, product showcases and interactive exhibits provide a hands-on experience. 

4. Building Trust and Relationships: 

   – Meeting people in person helps build trust and strengthens relationships. Face-to-face interactions allow for better communication and understanding. 

   – Personal connections formed at in-person events often translate into long-lasting professional relationships. 

5. Serendipitous Opportunities: 

   – In-person events provide opportunities for serendipitous encounters and discoveries that may not occur in a virtual setting. Chance meetings and impromptu conversations can lead to new ideas and collaborations. 

6. Professional Development: 

   – You can gain insight from keynote speakers, panel discussions and workshops in a more immersive manner. Direct interaction with experts enhances the learning experience. 

7. Motivation and Inspiration: 

   – Being part of a live audience can be motivating and inspiring. The energy and enthusiasm generated at in-person events can have a positive impact on you. 

The unique value offered by in-person events like the AAP Annual Conference, particularly in terms of human connection and experiential learning, continues to make them a valuable and preferred option for many independent pharmacists. Join us in San Diego, April 4-6

Registration now open for 2024 AAP Annual Conference

Registration is now open for the 2024 AAP Annual Conference. All independent and community pharmacies are invited.

Join us in “America’s Finest City”- San Diego, April 4-6.

Springboarding off last year’s hugely successful event, the 2024 AAP Annual Conference is built around YOU! Our goal is to make sure you increase your knowledge, develop new strategies and learn useful tips you can use when you get back to your store. Our program features an informative lineup of speakers from across the country, educational CE sessions and a diverse collection of exhibitors.

And new this year, you have a chance to win $10k, $15k or $25k in API Warehouse credit! Details can be found here.

2024 AAP Annual Conference venue

The 2024 AAP Annual Conference will be hosted at the Town & Country Resort. This stylish mid-century themed hotel is centrally located to all that San Diego has to offer.

The property is adjacent to luxury shopping and golf, and within minutes of the airport, beautiful beaches, hiking, biking and world-class attractions.

With five lively restaurants and a lounge, three pools, Twister the 4-story waterslide, sand volleyball court, and fire pits, you will have plenty to do during your downtime.

Register now for the 2024 AAP Annual Conference.